The randomness that is My World


Good Morning. has been a busy week overall: had a day in London with #4 doing a photoshoot for some product packaging. It was so nice spending time together – if a little bit wearing as he talks all day long (apart from when he fell asleep on the shoot!)  A perfect end to the day when I arrived home to sausages and fried potatoes courtesy of my Mum. Yummy.

Spent one afternoon ordering prospectuses for #1 who has at long last (almost) decided what to study at uni.

Lovely 3 hours at the allotment yesterday, although am suffering with shoulder and back aches today….

put some seeds in: parsnip;cabbage;brussels;nasturtium;carrot. Made some sides for a raised bed for the carrots when I divide them as they grow. Started cobbling together my ‘greenhouse’ (pallets with bubble wrap nailed to them). Not sure what to do about the door yet?

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Welcome TO My World!

Morning all, it’s a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and the children are all well and not, as yet, arguing.

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