The randomness that is My World

Different lives

on July 31, 2018

I have such a wide range of friends and acquaintances. I am currently on benefits (due to change soon, hopefully!) and I count people from this lack-of-income bracket up to and including multi-millionaires as my friends.

Amount of wealth really is no indicator of the person in question. I know people with very little money who are lovely, and some who are much less so. Equally true of those I know with a lot of disposable income. The best friends are the best friends, either with money or without. People often pre-judge those with money. Try not to judge anyone: especially in advance.

It’s a bit like age – the elderly are not, as a whole, a jolly lot. Generally, the ageing process does not alter the person. Grumpy, mean and volatile as a younger person usually equals the same in old age. Thankfully, a lively, fun, funny 20/50 year old can, given time and health, be a lively, fun and funny 88 year old.

I love my friends, the whole disparate collection of them.

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