The randomness that is My World

Laughter – The best medicine.

Watching great British bake off last night with one of my daughters and the partner of another daughter. Partner hadn’t ever had blancmange (lucky thing!) and was asking us to describe it. After a few attempts (disgusting;wobbly;weird;yukky) I tried a more scholarly explanation….

“The French call it Panna Cotta” 😳 cue fits of laughter from my daughter for about five minutes 🙄 . She was laughing so hard and for so long it cheered us all up!

Apparently my brain cells had switched off for the night already!!!! Oooops

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Essential Equipment

Following my jaunt up and down the motorways yesterday I was left with a car full of essential ‘stuff’ that my grown up daughter may (or may not) need at some as yet unspecified point in her future. Apparently I have plenty of room to store it (not true).

Other members of my household fell with glee upon the microwave that has journeyed home with me. This type of kitchen equipment has been missing from my life for around three years. I have been unbothered by the lack of one and have turned down numerous offers from my mother to buy one for me. It now rests on my kitchen work surface, not an unusual place for it, but it looks HUGE! We’ve managed perfectly well with saucepans and an oven (although the oven doesn’t work at the moment….).

The microwave is just very much THERE now and I don’t like it. As with all waifs/strays/almost relatives/no relative at all/random cats, it may as well stay now it’s home.

But we all know who will be cleaning the inside of this brute…..

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